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Laredo Public School Supply Donation

LAREDO TX, August 5th, 2019 – Cricket Wireless donated bulk school supplies to benefit the first graders at Santa Maria elementary school.

Sun Com Mobile, donated over $500 work of school supplies. Enough Construction paper, pinkerasers, pencils and crayons will be donated to cover four first grade classrooms at Santa Maria Elementary school for the entire school year.

The school supplies was donated on the first day back to school on Monday, August 12th. The support from  Sun Com Mobile will allow students to keep their focus on the classroom and not have to worry about the cost and fees of school supplies. The donation will help students reach their full potential this year.

Sun Com Mobile owns seven Cricket Wireless locations in the Laredo Market. District Manager, Debra Morales, said, “We have such a big footprint in Laredo. I wanted to give back this year, this is my home, I know who lives here and know that the donations will help greatly!



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